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Challenge Posed

BioStudio was asked to provide animations and PowerPoint slides in a patent infringement case involving razor technology.
The primary challenge was to make indecipherable diagrams and measurement methods come to life -- translating the information so it could be easily understood and appreciated by an everyday viewer.

Our Solution

BioStudio's team includes engineers with extensive experience communicating technical information visually. Using 3D animation, we "extruded" out the razor components from the diagram -- our goal was to decode the diagram into real-life objects and jettison the unfriendly technical nomenclature. We then introduced the elements by name and drew in simple planes to demonstrate relevant measurements.

Sample 1: Translate Diagram into Objects
View Razor Emerging From Technical Drawing View Razor Emerging From Technical Drawing
View Emerging Razor
Sample 2: Demonstrate Measurements
View Blade Measurement Animation View Blade Measurement
View Blade Measurement
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